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Meet The Judiciary 2024 - Top 6 Take Aways

31/03/2024 5:49 PM | Anonymous

As lawyers, trainees and law students we should always strive to improve in our skillset, knowledge and attributes. There is always lots to learn in the legal professional!!

GCDLA's committee member Joelene Nel has created a list of the top 6 take aways from 2024's Meet The Judiciary event hosted by GCDLA, which resonated strongly with her.

This list was comprised after listening to the speeches of the judiciary members in attendance and these point could not have been stressed enough!

Key Takeaways

1. Be organised - this is evident in how you engage with the Court. The more organised and prepared you are, the better the impression you leave.

2. Be flexible - Take chances that might not seem to be directly in line with where you are heading.

3. Take work and yourself seriously, but not too seriously ;)

4. Make it easy for the Court to follow your submissions - e.g. prepare an index of exhibits, paginate and use headings.

5. Put your camera on when doing online Court appearances - the Judiciary like to see who is addressing them, just as if you were in Court in person.

6. For family lawyers - when preparing Parenting Orders, consider putting the Orders relating to respectful communication and non-denigration closer to the top. These concepts / orders are important in the post separation, co-parenting relationship.

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